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Monday, March 08, 2004


I will be putting up some of my old columns, poor spelling and all, because a few people have actually asked me to. I’m as surprised as you are. But first…


In the most predictable thing to happen so far in this off-season, TO is attempting to have his trade to the Ravens overturned by the Union and the NFL. The reason, of course, is that he thought he would be a free agent and he apparently had reached a deal with the Eagles, who desperately need a top wide-out.
This will not work, of course, because the only reason he’s in this situation is because his agent forgot to file paperwork. TO will be stuck, but he is not without remedies.

1. He can sue his agent.

Actually, this is pretty open and shut. His agent had a duty to file said papers. He did not. He is at least negligent, and possibly reckless. And best of all for TO, since he had a contract with the Eagles all worked out, he can recover the difference between his Baltimore contract and his Philly contract from his agent. This was obvious malpractice. Now, agents need not be lawyers, but they still owe some duty to act competently.

That’s all that T can do but…

2. The Eagles can sue TO and his agent (possibly) for breach of contract, negligence, and malpractice.

T will probably remain an unhappy Raven. Isn’t this fun?


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