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Monday, June 28, 2004

United by Love, Divided by Law

I attended the “Pride” parade this Sunday in San Francisco. Common among the marchers were couples celebrating their marriage and long-standing commitments to each other. Often they held up enlarged copies of their marriage certificates granted by San Francisco City Hall, or signs that pronounced how long they had been together. The parade put a very tangible human emotion to the issue of gay marriage and I could see the obvious joy the couples shared by declaring their one and only loves to the world. One of the arguments I hear in opposition to gay marriage is the supposed promiscuous, wanton lifestyle of homosexuals and the assumed damage that lifestyle would bring to the institution of marriage. These couples seemed to indicate otherwise; they held signs that read: 9 years together, 12 years together, 16 years, 30 years, and it seemed genuine. Then again, maybe they were displaying the signs to further the gay marriage agenda. They did look very believable, but I suppose I would be foolish to trust someone based on their looks because then I would be…making a judgment on a group’s character based solely on the outward appearances of a few members of that group…and that would be foolish, right?


  • You may also recall that during the 2000 presidential campaign, President Bush pledged 15 Billion dollars to fight AIDS in Africa, and pledged to increase the research budget here. The best way to fight AIDS is still preventative. Allowing (nay, promoting, via the same tax and structural incentives as heterosexuals enjoy) homosexual marriage would go a long way towards decreasing new cases of AIDS in this country at a fraction of the cost of researching and purchasing drugs for treatment of the disease.

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 3:30 PM  

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