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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

All of this hot air is causing global warming

I hate environmental politics.  When politicians make any statement regarding the condition of the environment, just ignore it.  It's not true.  Ever. 

I bring this up because Teresa Heinz-Kerry said the following at the democratic National Convention:

With John Kerry as President, global climate change and other threats to the health of our planet will begin to be reversed. (Hat tip, Ahren)

The truth is that Republicans are not particularly bad for the environment, and Democrats are not particularly good for the environment.  Regardless of who has been in office over the last 30 years or so, every environmental trend in the United States (with the exception of greenhouse gas emissions) is positive.  Pollution continues to dwindle, sanitation improves, illegal dumping by corporations is almost non-existent (Superfund cases are in steady decline).  The party in power has had no impact at all on the state of the environment.  As for those pesky greenhouses gases, blame big oil if you want, or auto workers, or auto manufacturers, or the bureaucrats that allow SUVs to skirt emissions regulations (a bipartisan effort), or farmers - all are responsible.  Or blame people who drive cars, run air-conditioners, blend fruity cocktails in their blenders, watch TV, write on paper, or perform any number of other activities that make up what I like to call, "living."

Sure Republicans stupidly cast themselves as anti-environmentalists during the "Contract with America" days, in an order to pick up votes they already had and alienate people like me, but those days are past.  Currently, the differences between the parties are negligible. 

If you are choosing your candidate based solely on environmental considerations, you may want to read this first.  When you're finished with that, read this article by Gregg Easterbrook from 1998.  It will make you happy, and give you something to think about the next time a candidate runs on the platform of impending global disaster. 


Dan Drezner has more fun environmental news here.


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