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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

America to be ruled by musclemen

Mike Ditka will announce his candidacy for Senator of Illinois (Whoohoo! I get to vote in this election!) today, according to The Drudge Report. He's running against Barrack Obama, a distinguished lawyer, law professor, and current state representative. I'm looking forward to the debates.

While the Governator and Jesse Ventura had some minor political experience before running for governor in their respective states, (Arnold had been dabbling in Republican party politics for years, and is a Kennedy, sort of, Jesse was the mayor of Brooklyn Park, MN) I know of no relevant experience for Ditka (although just because I don't know about it doesn't mean it doesn't exist).

Still, does he have a chance? Few people are more well loved in Chicago than Ditka. What if Vince Lombardi ran for something in Wisconsin (Answer: People would run away screaming "Run! Run! The dead have risen from the grave!)? It may not matter. The Republican party in Illinois is in shambles. They have been hit by two separate scandals in just a few years time, and lack any charismatic figures to run in national elections. This could be a disaster for George W. Bush, as Illinois is a "battle ground state" (Note: It really isn't. Kerry will win handily, Ditka or no Ditka). If there is no compelling Republican in the Senate race, fewer Republicans will turn out to vote. Ditka at least provides an exciting alternative ("exciting" not necessarily meaning "good").

Ditka has no business being in a national election. Still it's hard not to imagine this conversation taking place:

Fib 1 - So, what do you think the percentage breakdown will be in Ditka v. Obama?

Fib 2 - I would say...Ditka 98, Obama 2.

Fib 1 - Now what if he was a mini-Ditka...


Ditka is crazy.
(Link via Perry on Politics, via Andrew Sullivan)


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