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Monday, July 19, 2004

At last our kings are safe

(Note: It was difficult to resist the title, "No longer searching for Bobby Fischer")
Bobby Fischer has been arrested. The chess champion has been wanted for some time for playing an illegal match in Yugoslavia. From the American Spectator:
In 1992, Fischer willfully violated United Nations sanctions against Yugoslavia by playing (and winning) a match in the Montenegrin resort of Sveti Stefan against Spassky. Since then he has been a fugitive from American law.
Bobby Fischer had been a nuisance for several years, occasionally popping up to spread anti-American, and anti-Semitic statements. His story is a sad one, as he is probably mentally ill, and in need of treatment. Still, he has never really hurt anyone other than himself, and while he is annoying, his crimes have been more or less victimless.  That being said, if we were carefully tracking his whereabouts with CIA personnel I hope it went something like this:
CIA Operative: Sir! He seems to be moving in a diagonal line across Eastern Europe. What should we do?
CIA Director: Do we have anyone in the area?
CIA O: Sir, we have 3 inexperienced operatives in his vicinity.
CIA D: Get one of them moving to intercept!
CIA O: We can move him 2 miles north and he should be able to take him down.
CIA D: Excellent, now we just have to wait for his next move.
CIA O: Sir! He's changed to an L-shaped pattern...

More from Tyler Cowen at The Volokh Conspiracy


  • Ah, you beat me to it, and with a better title to boot. There's more information on Bobby Fischer's amazing life arc here. (Via the always wonderful metafilter).

    By Blogger Peter, at 2:23 PM  

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