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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Clash of the Dickheads

O'Reilly vs. Moore.

I'd give the victory to Bill on this one. Moore was doing a lot of dodging and misleading. One exchange (which was repeated several times) went like this:
M: He didn’t tell the truth, he said there were weapons of mass destruction.

O: Yeah, but he didn’t lie, he was misinformed by - all of those investigations come to the same conclusion, that’s not a lie.

M: uh huh, so in other words if I told you right now that nothing was going on down here on the stage…

O: That would be a lie because we could see that wasn’t the truth

O'Reilly basically argues that if Bush believed, based on the information that was provided to him, that there were WMDs he was not lying when he said so. Moore thinks that this is lying anyway. By Moore's logic, Stephen Hawking was lying when he said that black holes destroy all molecular fingerprints of their contents and emit only a generic form of radiation. It wasn't a lie. He was just wrong.

Moore also drills O'Reilly about whether he would sacrifice his child to remove certain leaders from power to which O'Reilly responds "I would sacrifice myself." Moore pushes and pushes the "your child" line but O'Reilly's suggestion is actually closer to what is actually going on. American children are not being killed. American soldiers, adults, who choose to fight in the military are the ones sacrificing themselves. Nobody is sending their children to war.


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