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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

It's been a good day

for the Good Guys.

Barak will make his national debut a few months early. The DNC could have gone with dozens of other, better known Democrats for what most people consider to be the second-most important funtion at the convention. But in a (incredibly suprising and) well thought out move, they chose someone who won't overshadow thier Today Candidate, while putting Tommorow's Candidate in the spotlight and in the back of people's minds where it'll mature like a fine wine. Kudos to a party that couldn't even wet their pants correctly (it kept getting in their eye)a year and a half ago.

The FMA gets it's back broken, King Slender style. Way to go, traditional Republicans! Some of you still remember the reasons your party rose to prominence all those years ago. Neo-Cons, take heart; at least you can go home to your loving Box Turtles and ... Oh wait. Scratch that. This doesn't end the debate by a long shot, but removing this keystone issue from the national stage at this point in an election year is a good sign, for both gay-rights advocates and Democrats.

The newest TMBG video appears on what some have called "the awesomest website ever." I mean, the thing is The Cheat powered.

...And Mike Ditka preferred his a trip home in his Escalade to a (not so) secret meeting with the Illinois Republican Cabal. He knows about impotence, and I guess he decided his life's flaccid enough.

Enjoy these days people, they're still in short supply.


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