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Thursday, July 08, 2004

My Crew

Somehow, the Brewers got good. It is all due to trading away Richie Sexson in one of the greatest displays of Ewing Theory ever. They now have a dominant pitching staff and are in the thick of the National League wild card hunt.

I finally got a chance to see them in detail this week (read: not drunk on opening day) as they swept the Chicago Cubs in a three game series, holding them to 2 runs for the entire SERIES (It is worth noting the Brewers were swept by the Pirates the series before this one. They just can't win in Pitt, I've learned to live with it). I don't know if they will be able to keep it up, but I do know that good pitching wins. Their hitting is pretty bad. Scott Podsednik has dropped about 60 points off of his average, Geoff Jenkins has been in a season long slump, and the team leader in HRs has 12 (Jenkins. No one else is in double digits). Only one starter is hitting over 300 (The fantastic Lyle Overbay. Two pitchers, Wes Obermueller and Brooks Kieschnick, who also pinch hits, are also over 300).

Can a team win without offense? It's been done before. The Diamondbacks of a few years ago were somewhat similar. What I do know is that the Brewers are not only good now, but have the potential to be for years to come. As long as they keep Been Sheets, Victor Santos, Chris Capuano, Doug Davis, and Dan Kolb, they can only get better. Keep an eye on them. They might still be around when this one is all over.


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