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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Next Democratic Star (that's not Obama).

The national media pounced on Chicago’s Barack Obama as the DNC’s rising star; and rightfully so. The 42-year-old Obama is a Harvard educated lawyer, state senator, and eloquent speaker (and future Senator according to…well everyone). However, watching the national media cover an event is (in the words of John Stewert) like watching 6-year-olds play soccer: there is no strategy, just a focus on chasing a ball back and forth. Therefore, let me point out another young star of the Democratic Party: San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom.
While Newsom may not have the education of Harvard Law Review editing Obama (he has a BA in Political Science) he certainly has star power. His status in the Bay Area is that of which is usually reserved for rock stars and supermodels. During this years Pride Parade his coming could be heard blocks away because of the exploding crowd chanting “GA-VIN! GA-VIN!”
Newsom exploded onto the Democratic stage by allowing gay marriages to be performed in San Francisco’s city hall, earning hatred and praise from around the world. Besides his championing of gay rights, Newsom is reforming the way SF deals with homelessness, and is actively tackling a $300 million budget deficit (including cutting his own salary 15%) by taking a liberal but yet pragmatic approach to social programs.
A young, energetic, good-looking, and motivated individual, Newsom is an ideal hero for a younger generation of democrats. Forget Hillary in ’12, I’m backing the Obama-Newsom ticket.


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