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Friday, July 09, 2004

Pres Picks

No, not mine (I'm for Kerry though). The largely libertarian bloggers that I link to are starting to announce their picks for the presidency. They are very split so far.

Andrew Sullivan is not for Bush (although not necessarily for Kerry either), largely because of the proposed FMA. Andrew was a gay marriage proponent before it was cool. He called support of the FMA by Bush a "deal breaker." Like the other lib/cons he's also upset about Bush's incredibly liberal economic policies.

Mickey Kaus (soon to be added to the blog roll, democrat, very smart) is voting for Kerry, even though he doesn't like him:

"But we survived Carter and we'd survive Kerry (though it will be a long, hard slog!)."

Jacob Levy, at the Volokh conspiracy is also choosing Kerry, based on competence and the whole fiscal thing.

Dan Drezner is happily still on the fence. Don't rush him!

Bush can count Glenn Reynolds (Foreign policy, Iraq) and Virginia Postrel (economics) firmly in his camp.

Virginia Postrel also takes to task those folks who are voting for Kerry for economic reasons, arguing that Kerry will not be any better than Bush (possibly true) and that he will be much worse with regard to foreign policy. She accuses these people (I count myself among them) and Jacob Levy in particular, of attacking Bush to look "cool."

Jacob Levy is a professor of political science at the University of Chicago. Now I live on the University of Chicago campus. I see these students and faculty on a daily basis. I attend parties with them, go to their bars, and eat at their restaurants. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that no one at this university is trying to look cool (my better half excluded of course). Eccentric, maybe. But not cool. There are elbow patches and grandpa hats everywhere in Hyde park. So this accusation, that voting against Bush improves your image, would have no effect on Mr. Levy (or me for that matter).

Update: Virginia responds to this defense.


  • i think that if someone votes for either kerry or bush, you can pretty safely remove any (no matter how highly qualified) libertarian label from their name, and replace it with the stale-sex and booze stench that comes from whatever brothel it was that they prostituted their entire belief sytem and personal power away in...

    but, that's just my opinion of course :)

    By Blogger ahren, at 5:29 PM  

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