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Monday, July 19, 2004

To the 5 Burroughs

NYC Mayor Bloomberg has decided that the protesters of the forthcoming Republican National Convention must exercise their freedom of assembly and speech on the West-Side Highway: an out-of-the-way, narrow and generally undesireable place to hold a rally/protest. This is a poor showing from the leader of a city that has always been famous for alternative voices and perspectives; in fact, it is a down right un-New York act. It seems to be a trend to isolate protesters away from the events they are protesting for convenience and safety (G8 Convention); at what point does it stop? Are future protests going to be held at "free-speech" reservations in the middle of nowhere? This trend cannot continue; if protesters are peaceful, and the only negative is traffic logistics, then cities must allow peaceful assembly where it is wanted.

To mayor Bloomberg: Bad Form
To the citizens of NYC: I hope to see you protesting outside of Madison Square Garden.


  • Well at the Democratic National Convention in Boston they had a designated "free speech zone" as well ( The DNC "free speech zone" was much closer to the actual convention site then RNC zone will be, but it was enclosed in a metal cage, calling to mind images of "American Gladiators" (

    This is a trend that is also occuring at major Universities ( I thought the United States of America was supposed to be the "free speech zone"!

    By Blogger Juan Gigante, at 8:52 PM  

  • I don't know why my post above looks so messed up...

    By Blogger Juan Gigante, at 8:57 PM  

  • I know they had a "free speech zone" in Boston and that is equally bad. I hadn't heard that until after this post.

    By Blogger RyanSimatic, at 2:14 AM  

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