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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Virginia Drunk Driving Laws Not Just Tougher...

they're smarter too. Virginia recently passed several new laws that increase penalties for drunk driving. What is good about these laws is that instead of lowering the legal limit they increase the penalties for the repeat offenders and the extremely drunk. Granted, Virginia's legal limit is already very low and .08 but at least it didn't get any lower. I have always found it strange that many states, such as Wisconsin, have reduced the legal limit from .1 to .08. I find this strange because, when my BAC is .08, I'm not drunk. Such a low number makes it illegal to go out to dinner and have a few glasses of wine. Supporters of these laws often refer to statistics about drunk driving fatalities or accidents but they never have any statistics about the number of these who had a BAC between .08 and .1. My guess is that there are not too many of these. I would bet the percentage of drivers with a .08 BAC that get into an accident is no greater than the percentage of drivers who are stone sober that get into an accident. Of course, this would be difficult to quantify. I think the best way to cut down on drunk driving related accidents is to target repeat offenders and the extremely drunk, the people that really cause the accidents. That's what Virginia did.


  • It's too bad laws in this Virginia style were't considered before the whole country changed to .08. 4 beers over 2 hours and I'm a criminal.

    By Blogger RyanSimatic, at 12:43 AM  

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