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Friday, August 27, 2004

Ahren is back from his Phishing trip.

It doesn't seem like it went very well:

instead of preparing for the worst possible situation, they prepared for the most likely situation (one can even see this if they just cull the facts from the drivle in these letters). it's a stupid way to go about things like this and a retarded way to live life in general. if you're throwing a party, and invite 30 people, you don't estimate that only 20 are likely to show up and that they'll drink an average of 3 beers each, then buy 60 beers to cover it with only an extra 6 pack for back-up. (well, maybe you do. but then again, maybe you throw shitty parties (like phish and gnp). you assume everyone you invited is going to come and probably bring a friend and that they're all gonna get shit-faced... so you get 2 kegs and 10 handles of hard liquor plus some wine and a case of mouthwash just in case it gets really desperate.

But apparently he still had fun. He also has a new cat (scroll down a bit).


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