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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bush isn't the only bone-head in this election.

Seriously, Bush gets so much flack about being intellectually sub-par and out of touch. But Kerry makes some huge blunders too. I noted in an earlier post that he believed a keg that he got at a brewery would contain Ice Cream for some reason. Now it seems he declared his support for the Buckeyes...When speaking at Michigan. Vodkapundit has a pretty funny take on it. I also remember that he declared that his favorite Red Sox player was "Manni Ortiz." Which is of course a hybrid between Manni Ramirez and David Ortiz who are actual players on the team. Now, I'm not a sports trivia guru like my brother, but this is basic stuff. Michigan vs. Ohio State? Come on.

So we know that Kerry knows squat about sports and beer. He's not exactly a man's man is he?

Update: More on Kerry's Brain at SoxBlog.


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