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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Bush, Kerry and the SBVT

I am having a hard time trying to figure out why Kerry is so interested in having bush denounce the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads that criticize Kerry's military record. It seems to me that there are basically two ways to react to these ads. One way is to believe them. If you believe them, your opinion of Kerry will probably change for the worse whether Bush had anything to do with the ads or not. Whether or not Bush denounces them will probably have little impact on their believability. Bush is the farthest thing from a credible source on what was going on in Vietnam in the late sixties.

The other way to react to these ads is to not believe them. If you do not believe them you will most likely see the ads as a despicable smear campaign. If this is the case you will probably form a negative opinion of those responsible for making the ads.

The SBVT are supposedly independent of The President but many Americans are unaware of all of the nuances of campaign finance law, especially in its new and ridiculous incarnation. Most Americans that see an anti-Kerry ad assume that "the Bush People" are responsible. Unless, of course, he publicly denounces the ads.

So after Bush denounced the ads (sort of) you have two different ways to react. You can believe them as if they are factual, which should change your opinion of Kerry for the worse. Or you can believe that they are a disgusting, deplorable and dishonest smear campaign that, thanks to Kerry's prodding, we know Bush was not involved with and which he does not agree with.


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