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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Busy day at the office,

so blogging will be light. Yesterday was pretty rough too. I'll definitely have some football up tomorrow. This is killing me, I love conventions, football is starting (there should be some good cuts today, Hugh Douglas is already an Eagle again, Mike Anderson is gone for the year, and Michael Bennett is apparently afflicted with Fred Taylor Syndrome, or FTS) and my baseball team just lost 12 games in a row (Note to Milwaukee natives: Does this mean that we all have to make hamburgers for George Webb's?).

So much material, so little time.

In the mean time, Arnold Kling takes Paul Krugman to task over health care. Read Pauly K here, then Arnold here. Remember:

To a kid with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

And if you can't wait a day for football stuff:

Ed Brayton has some fantasy football observations here. I like to think of myself as this guy:

The Smartass Commentator: As you might have guessed, that's me. He keeps up a running commentary most of the night, busting on people for some of their picks, but not all - he's quick to praise a pick, especially when someone nabs a guy just before he was going to. He also needles the people who are taking too long to make a pick, primarily to goad them into making a really bad pick, which affords him the opportunity to say, "You wasted all that time to end up with Brian Griese? Did he even make a team this year?" The Smartass Commentator's success is measured not so much in how he drafts, but in how many times during the night he hears, "Hey, fuck you, man". He also makes most of the requisite jokes. Some of my favorites from last night:

When Eddie George was picked #1 overall (no, I'm not making that up): "And the first player with prescriptions for both Viagra and Geritol is off the board. Didn't he break a hip?"

When the aforementioned chick picked Tiki Barber with the #2 overall pick (no, I'm not making that up either): "He must be cute"

When Jason picks Morten Anderson as his kicker: "George Blanda was unavailable?"

When drunk guy inquires who Ki-Jana Carter plays for this year: "He's backing up Rashan Salaam for the Bismarck Roughriders"

When Onterrio Smith (currently serving a drug suspension) is picked to backup Jamal Lewis (currently under indictment for drug trafficking): "You should rename your team Supply and Demand. Bet you can't wait for Ricky Williams to un-retire."

Good stuff.

And a new TMQ is up here.



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