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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Corporate Donors: I'll Meet you at the BellSouth Tent.

BellSouth provided a tent at the Democratic National Convention named the, "BellSouth Media Hospitality Tent," which turned out to be a cozy little beer garden. I support this 100%. We need to put a little more of the "party" back in political party. BellSouth's angle? "Free beer is goodwill..." says BellSouth spokesman Bill BcCloskey. Indeed, the tent would be a cheap way to get on the good side of many people and BellSouth has been doing it since 1988. BellSouth notes that the program is nonpartisan as they will be getting Republican conventioneers loaded for free as well.

BellSouth reports that despite the tent's location in Ted Kennedy's home state, no more beer than usual was consumed. *RIMSHOT!*


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