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Monday, August 30, 2004

Is your Fantasy Football draft soon?

You should read Peter King's MMQB column today. For the Packer fan:

Pick Najeh Davenport. You'll be able to get the backup Green Bay back in the eighth or 10th round, probably. And you'll be happy when you do. "The only thing standing between Najeh and a rushing title is Ahman Green,'' Brett Favre told me. What a load. Mike Sherman's going to try to get him eight or 10 touches a game, to lessen the load on Green, and if Green ever goes down, Davenport is a rumblin', stumblin', 145-yards-a-week bomb waiting to explode. Watching him run in training camp, he was the single most impressive player I saw this summer.

Peter forgets to mention all of the Bears due to have breakout seasons. I'm sure that it was just an oversight.


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