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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

It's football season!

You know it's football season because the first episode of TMQ is up at

A word on how the blog will cover football.

When I first started this blog some 6 months ago it was with the assumption that I would put my long winded football column up here every week rather than send it out to people via e-mail as I have done for a season and a half now. This is so much easier, I can do cool hyperlinks like this one on why Clinton Portis is better than Terrel Davis and Mike Anderson, and Olandis Gary, and Quentin Griffin. Plus I have a nifty comments section for easy reader feedback.

Over the summer it has turned into a political blog too, with my brother Danny joining the fray, and friends Ryan and Pete contributing as well. We've actually been fairly successful for new kids on the block, and current events, politics, and pop culture (and Abe Vigoda)will remain a focus.

But if you want to skip all of that, I'll make it easy for you. After every football specific post you will see the following:


Click on it, and it will take you to the last football post. Go ahead, give it a try. I'll wait...

OK, you're back now. If you read all the way through that article, you will notice another Trackback at the end, which will take you to my last column from last year. It will be a nice little chain.

Also, I will probably write shorter items this year, but do so more frequently. This should benefit everyone.

So that's it. Welcome back to everyone from last year, and if you're new, have a look around.

I'll see you all at the draft.


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