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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Kerry Drinks Beer In Wisconsin, Thinks it's Ice Cream

This article from the Capital Times is awesome. John Kerry's bus stopped at the Huber Brewery in Monroe Wisconsin on their way to Iowa. They had a few beers and took some pictures and all that good stuff. Huber is the oldest brewery in Wisconsin and the makers of my beer-of-choice in college; Berghoff Dark, which we affectionately referred to as Bird-bath Dark. Lisa Mahlkuch, an employee of the brewery presented Kerry with a mini-keg to take on the bus. "He was very excited," Mahlkuch said. "He thought it was ice cream at first. But he promised to take it with him on the bus." Kerry also stopped at the Baumgartner Cheese Store & Tavern where he picked up some of the store's trademark Limburger cheese. The group picked up 20 to 25 pounds of cheese altogether to go with the mini-keg and the several bottles of each of the beers that Kerry and his wife had sampled. It's going to be one stinky bus ride.


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