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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Michael Phelps is a class act

The United state set a world record in the 400 medley relay. The butterfly leg took just 50.28 seconds. Michael Phelps did not swim it. Although he earned the spot on the relay when he won gold in the 100 fly, Phelps gave his spot to team mate and silver medalist Ian Crocker. Crocker had a tough meet. He was sick for the first few days which showed in his dismal performance in the 400 freestyle relay. Phelps wanted to give his toughest competitor another chance to prove himself. Crocker certainly did prove himself by swimming a split that Phelps has never matched. The relay would have won with either man. It would have set a world record with either man. Phelps put his team before himself. He was content with the records he already had, three meals at McDonald's and a front row seat for Crocker and company's amazing performance. Phelps is the same age as this guy and just as talented. He could have the biggest ego in the world but he doesn't. At least he doesn't seem to. In interviews he is always humble and gracious and honest. He may not have broke Spitz's record but he had an impressive Olympics. I'm sure he will have another shot at it in 2008.


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