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Friday, August 20, 2004

Olympic Swimming Politics

After winning the gold in the 200 backtroke, Aaron Peirsol was disqualified and later reinstated as the winner. French judge Denis Cadon said he illegally rolled on his stomach and kicked off the wall on one of his turns. Peirsol appealed and won due to an error in reporting the foul. This occurred days after Peirsol accused gold medal winning breaststroker Kosuke Kitajima of Japan of using an illegal dolphin kick during the 100 breaststroke.

I don't know swimming as well as Peirsol and I'm no French referee but this sounds like a lot of politics. Was Kosuke using an illegal kick? I didn't see the 100 Breastroke but it sure didn't look like it in the 200. However, he was being watched more closely in the 200 because of Peirsol's comment and a dolphin kick off of the walls would be more useful in a shorter, closer race.

As for Peirsol's DQ, my only question is how do you do an illegal backstroke turn? Is it even possible? The backstroke turn is simple. You swim into the wall. You flip over. You turn and you push off already on your back. The only way you can really do an illegal turn in backstroke is if you flip over too early going into the turn. However, the official says that he was on his front going out of the turn. Unless he had a HUGE brain-fart this seems very unlikely. We certainly would have seen it if he had. The announcers would have been all over it. They were not.


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