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Monday, August 16, 2004

Place ya Bets!

A interesting look at the horse race.

I think some of the more interesting states are Minnesota, Oregon and Florida (of course).

I'm going to issue predicitions:

Oregon has a Democratic governor, a split senate, and a 4 to 1 Democratic ratio in the House. Oregon is going to Kerry,

Despite Minnesota's election of Bush shill Tim Pawlenty for governor and Bush Jr. Norm Coleman for Senate, Minnesota is coming back to the left. The base is mobilized and many have changed their political leanings after living under Pawlenty and Coleman, and according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune "Kerry has come out ahead in every poll taken since March, except for one that had him and Bush tied." Minnesota will go Kerry.

As if anyone doesn't know, Florida was decided by 537 votes in 2000, but is listed in the "weak Kerry" (5%-9%) versus "barely Kerry" (<5%). Barring another vote counting debacle (which unfortunately enough is quite possible according to Miami Herald investigations) Florida's non-voters from 2000 (who are for the most part liberals) will come out and swing the state into Kerry's column.


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