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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


What would make a sport in which the winner is picked by a panel of human judges less legitimate?

Answer: Letting the competitors judge themselves. Or worse, letting the crowd be the judge.

This is basically what is happening to Paul Hamm at the moment. There was an error in the scoring that should have put South Korea's Yang Tae Young in first. He did not challenge the error according to protocol but now there is a huge stink about splitting the gold with Hamm (would he still get to keep the silver? I'll be checking eBay if the second gold is awarded). I don't know thing 1 about gymnastics. I knew even less about figure skating when all of this crap was happening two years ago. But I do know a great joke that was told to me by my Contracts Professor Stuart MaCaulay. I've posted it before but it is even more appropriate here.

Three umpires are sitting in a bar discussing the method by which they make their calls.
The first umpire says, "I calls em as I sees em."
The second umpire says, "I calls em as they is."
And the third umpire says "They ain't nothin till I calls em."


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