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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Smells like Democracy

The government of Iraq ordered an immediate closure of Al-Jazeera's Baghdad operations. The independent satellite news channel boasts an audience of 40 million Arab speakers, and was closed following the findings of an "independent" Iraqi commission that claimed the channel was a "national security threat." When the Interior Minister was asked why the channel has been shut down, he responded that "you know exactly" what the network has been up to.

I hope our government protests what is an obvious curtailing of one of America's most cherished freedoms.

"They have been showing a lot of crime and criminals on TV. They transferred a bad picture about Iraq and about Iraqis," noted the Minister.

You're focusing in on all the negatives! Can't you follow the Olson Twins like everybody else?

This whole "democracy" thing takes practice.

Update (from Paul, not Ryan):

Siddharth Mohandas has more, guestblogging for Dan Drezner. (Ryan's absolutely right, by the way).


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