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Monday, August 02, 2004

Wisconsin is still the King of Cheese

And that makes me proud. Very proud. Recently, several states have been trying to take bigger and bigger slices of the pie (or wedges of the cheddar wheel). California has been producing more milk than the dairy state for the past 11 years. New England cheesmakers are claiming that their specialty cheeses are superior because they are more "Europe-oriented." But when all is said and done, Wisconsin is still on top in the cheese department.

"Wisconsin cheese wins more awards than any other state or country. The state won 29 percent of the 2004 World Championship Cheese Contest awards. The runners up, California and New York, each had 8 percent of the winnings."
At the recent American Cheese Society contest, Wisconsin cheese makers got 55 awards, including 15 blue ribbons, which also was more than any other state.

We also wear big foam cheese-wedges on our heads at football games.


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