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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Bill Hobbs is collecting stories of Vote Fraud.

As we have a few of those on the site, written by Danny, I submitted them. The list is getting long. Here is our entry:

Blogger Scott (Paul, actually, but no big deal) Noonan of Electric Commentary emailed me this report from Wisconsin where, he says, election fraud "happens all the time."

My brother (who wrote two posts on what will surely be vote fraud, links forthcoming) and I are from a suburb of Milwaukee, WI. I am now an attorney living in Chicago and he is a law student at the University of Wisconsin. He has noticed the following suspicious activity: Link 1. Link 2.

During the 2000 election I was fortunate enough to have the infamous "smokes for votes" scandal take place 2 blocks from my Milwaukee apartment (I lived at 531 N. 18th St. The bribery took place at the corner of 19th and Wells in downtown Milwaukee, just outside of the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, but also in front of the Milwaukee ABC affiliate. Easiest news story that they ever broke. Anyway, here are a few articles about that: Article 1. Article 2.

Finally, I was in law school at Marquette during 2000 and I know that many students voted more than once, because many students bragged about it. They were not caught, but it's so easy to do it in Wisconsin that you would have to be an idiot to get caught. You can register at the polls with some mail, that is all that it takes. Here is a relevant article.

Wisconsin and Ohio keep showing up on the voter fraud radar.


I almost forgot about a fairly major instance of vote fraud, during the recall election of Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway. This involves forged absentee ballots. A few articles here and here.


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