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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Dan Drezner and Al Gore, together at last.

University of Chicago Professor (and fellow Hyde Park resident) Dan Drezner has an op-ed in the New York Times today right next to former VP Al Gore. Dan writes on offshore outsourcing:

The data did show that from 1997 to 2002, annual imports of business, technical and professional services increased by $16.3 billion. However, during that same half-decade, exports of those services increased by $20.5 billion a year. In 2002 alone, the United States ran a $27 billion trade surplus in business services, the sector in which jobs are most likely to be outsourced. The G.A.O. correctly stressed that it is impossible to compute exactly how many jobs are lost because of outsourcing, but unless its figures are off by several orders of magnitude, there's no crisis here.

Like any true academic, Prof. Drezner provides footnotes here.

Meanwhile Albert covers the President's superior debating skills, and offers advice:

Senator Kerry can also use these debates to speak directly to voters and lay out a hopeful vision for our future. If voters walk away from the debates with a better understanding of where our country is, how we got here and where each candidate will lead us if elected, then America will be the better for it. The debate tomorrow should not seek to discover which candidate would be more fun to have a beer with. As Jon Stewart of the "The Daily Show'' nicely put in 2000, "I want my president to be the designated driver.''

Al Gore watches The Daily Show! Maybe if he had been watching four years ago...


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