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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Everyone's favorite crack-smokin', prostitute solicitin' mayor is back...

and better than ever. That's right, Marion Barry won a seat on the D.C. City Council, defeating former council member Sandy Allen, who I can only assume ate babies or something like that.

Barry takes over Washington's poorest district, where he hopes to put "greater emphasis on affordable housing and new development for neighborhoods." He also opposes "raising taxes to build a Major League Baseball stadium," presumably because the increased presence of professional athletes in Washington would drive the prices of illegal substances even higher in an area where demand is already very high. Of course, that last part is just speculation.

Barry's ideas could come into conflict with the agenda of current Mayor Anthony A. Williams. Williams, however, welcomed Barry with the following kind words:

If Marion is out to deliver for the children of this city . . . I'm with him all the way.

Oh, I'm sure that Marion will deliver. Or at least be charged with intent to do so.

Read the Washington Post article here.


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