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Thursday, September 16, 2004

In the mind of...

Before we look inside brains, does anyone notice anything funny about this list of Tampa Bay receivers?

Charles Lee, Bill Schroeder, Tim Brown and Frank Murphy.

Two former Packers? Does Gruden realize that Antonio Freeman is available again?

In the mind of…

Joey Galloway – Since I am old and injury prone, I always thought it would be nice to join the Raiders. What luck that they all decided to retire to Tampa the same time that I did.

Ronde Barber – So I’m an "Uncle Tom" am I? Well that doesn’t mean much coming from a racist like Keyshawn. You think he’s not a racist? Two words: Wayne Chrebet.

Jerome Bettis – Next guy who calls me "short bus" gets sat on.

Mike McKenzieJust kidding guys!

DTWHOOOOOOOO!! Yeah! Did you see that catch? I know you did. All right, second and nine.

Mike VanderjagtThat’ll learn him to call me an idiot. (Scroll about half-way down.)

Dante Hall – Why didn’t anyone clip him.

John LynchI got fined for that? I could barely even feel it. What is he like 3’4"? It’s not like I threw a chair at him or anything.

A.J. Feeley – Coach, I’m starting to feel a little sick, maybe you should put Jay back in for another week? Say, are you closer to signing any offensive linemen? No? Man, this stomach thing could be serious.

Steve Smith – You mean I get all the ice-cream I want?

Najeh Davenport – Another pulled hamstring. Man, that’s going to make squatting hard.

Marshall Faulk, Curtis Martin, and Emmitt Smith – That will show those young whipper-snappers. We old people can still contribute. Oh! Better get home, it’s almost time for Matlock.

And finally,

Brett Favre (to John Fox) – I would have signed a few offensive linemen.

Ah, Monday Morning Quarterbacks.



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