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Friday, September 10, 2004

Investigative Journalism

I'm fascinated by the "forged documents" story not so much for the content of the documents in question, but for the fact that 60 Minutes (60 freakin' Minutes!) did not bother to investigate a source for authenticity when a bunch of independent bloggers managed to essentially prove that the source was a forgery in a few hours and with limited resources.

The guys who did the real leg work were at Powerline and they deserve a ton of credit for acting as a check on what could have been a wide-spread falsehood. Plus they have a cool logo. I have added them to the blogroll at the right. Does 60 Minutes have any excuse for this? Is any excuse possible? Incredible.

As to the spirited debate...

on Unions below I'll give Ryan the last word on this, although I'm sure to post on the subject again. Anyway, Ryan the floor is yours (except for Ahren and company who seem to have taken a liking to the subject).


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