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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Whispers In the hospital…

Kellen Winslow – C’mon, you can do better than that. Get my leg elevated! This is war here, and the doctors aren’t going after my leg nearly enough.

Tommy Maddox – I wish I was Greg Maddux.

Lamar Gordon – Let me tell you something, that was the best injury I ever suffered. I’m lucky I just lost an arm, the next guy might lose his head. When I was running behind that line I felt like I was running through the junkyard at night, all the dogs were loose, and I was covered with bacon.

Stephen Davis – I hope that no one finds out I have Deshaun Foster on my fantasy team.

Deuce McAllister (who was on SportsCenter’s little trivia game the other day) Is it that surprising that I’m smart? Read the questions Linda! Faster!

Rex Grossman – Nurse! Nurse! Can you please change the channel, I don’t think I can watch The Mighty Quinn right now.

Steve McNair – Nurse Howie, Nurse Gina, It’s been a while. I’ll take the usual, make sure I have HBO, and a little hot fudge on my ice cream. Are we still bowling on Thursday?

Charlie Garner – Now I just sit back and let the Social Security checks roll in.

Grady Jackson – I’d like 4 steaks please. And some pork chops. And a chicken sandwich, no bun. I love this Atkins thing.

Julius Jones – Every morning they bring in the fruit cart. I like fruit, it’s good for you. She walks in, asks me if I want a banana, an apple, a pear. Inevitably he bust out with, “Orange, Julius?” I hate that. Did I mention that I went to Notre Dame.

And finally...

Rich Gannon – Why do I get the feeling that some Broncos fan somewhere stepped on a crack?



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