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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Worlds Collide

Aaron Schatz, the editor-in-chief of, (See the "sports section" of the blogroll) has a nice article in today's New Republic (See the News/Magazines section of the blogroll):

Because NFL fans are so used to hearing black quarterbacks--Vick, McNabb, Culpepper, McNair, and others--described as "mobile" and blessed with "natural talent," it might be a bit of a surprise to read a scouting report on Leftwich at that states, "He is not a great athlete and he has marginal speed." Last year, Leftwich ran with the ball only 1.7 plays per game, twenty-fifth in the league among quarterbacks who played at least half the season. In fact, Leftwich runs so little that in college he actually played the final few games of his senior year with a broken leg. By the end of the year, Leftwich could not even walk down the field; his linemen had to carry him to the new line of scrimmage after each pass.

Good for Aaron, as the Outsiders consistently produce some of the best sports writing out there.

(Note: Something tells me that Gregg Easterbrook may have opened the door to this particular opportunity. The Outsiders made a savvy move when Easterbrook was fired from ESPN a few years back by hosting his column until he was picked up by They have slowly been making their way towards becoming a well known mainstream organization, and I believe that they are a bright success story, and a good model to follow for anyone peddling fairly obscure but useful knowledge on the Internet.)


  • It's almost as if they are becoming football insiders. I wonder if I know anyone peddling fairly obscure but useful sports knowledge on the Internet?

    By Blogger DannyNoonan, at 10:56 AM  

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