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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Affirmative action

Did you know that over half the population is composed of minorities according to AA?

Kerry - Still a bunch of racists around, so we need to give favors to all the poor minorities. Am I the only one that thinks justifications for AA sound racist?
He didn't meet with the NAACP

Bush - Not the congressional caucus, the NAACP. Or did I mishear Kerry, and it was he who misspoke?
The best way to help minorities is to further education, create entrepeneurs. Good stat on home ownership.

I agree with Bush here, I thought he did fine.


Bush - Faith is a big part of his life. Why does religion always come into this. YOu know, when I go to a job interview, no one ever asks me about my faith.

Yeah, yeah, we're all equal. Blah blah.
This question sucks.

Bathroom Beer Baseball break right now.


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