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Friday, October 01, 2004

Ah, sweet merciful weekend

I haven't gotten nearly enough sleep this week for a variety of reasons, so I'm putting up this rambling post and then shutting my brain off until Monday.

First, I didn't watch the debate. It didn't matter. Increasingly the debates are all about not screwing up. Voters care far more about what you look like and what you do than what you say. That's why the consensus is that Kerry won. Apparently Bush did funny things, made funny gestures, and looked annoyed, but none of those are catastrophes. Kerry will get a little bounce.

I'm looking forward to the town hall format. Remember when Al Gore stormed up to Bush and acted like he was going to hit him? Now that's what I'm talking about (by the way, after seeing, or at least reading about how easily Kerry handled Bush in debate #1, how pitiful does Al Gore look now?). Good stuff.

Second item. A few posts down I cited a story from the Sports Guy's intern. Today the intern has his own column on meeting Bill for the first time:

So I got to the Baseball Tavern and saw a guy standing by the door. One on hand, he's wearing a backwards hat (Fenway) and looks slightly pale (Super Bowl). On the other hand, he doesn't look afraid (Tyson) or have red skin and horns (Demon Cartoon). I made eye contact, started walking away, turned around and made eye contact again, then decided to take a quick lap around the place just to see if I can find a closer match. After a lap around the bar, no luck. Here went nothing:

"Excuse me, is your name Bill?"
"I work for you."
"HEY! How's it going?
"Hey, not bad! Sorry about giving you the staredown before!"
"No problem, I just thought you were gay."

Third, let no one say I'm not a charitable guy. This particular cause has been circulating around the 'net today and I would like to lend my support.

Fourth, the Cubs start playing in ten minutes, 1 full game out of the wildcard spot with 3 to play. I put there chances right now at about 10 percent, but the way they've been playing it's going to take close to a miracle. I'm fine with that, as it makes driving to the North Side a lot easier.

Fifth, I've been meaning to link to this all week because I think charter schools are a good idea and the most recent New York Times article on the subject was a farce:

Despite the fact that Hoxby's studies are of far higher quality than those of the ATF and other groups you don't see her work trumpeted across the front page of the NYTimes. And it's not as if Hoxby isn't well known, she is a Harvard professor whom several years ago The Economist listed as one of the best young economists in the world. As Brad DeLong might ask in another context, Why can't we have a better media?

Read the whole thing.

Sixth, "The Motorcycle Diaries," the new movie about Ernesto "Che" Guevara comes out this weekend. In "The Producers," the Nazi scriptwriter of "Springtime for Hitler" Franz Liebkind says that:

Not many people know it, but the Fuhrer was a terrific dancer.


Hitler.... there was a painter! He could paint an entire apartment in one afternoon! Two coats!!

From what I have read, this movie seems like it is going for a similar effect. Check out Ebert's review, and then read this Slate article by Paul Berman. Che wasn't up to Hitler's level, but it wasn't for lack of effort.

Finally, to leave you feeling a bit more upbeat, check out what our most conservative Supreme Court Justice just said at Harvard here.
(Hat tip, Jodi)


I had to add this, as it directly affects my weekend plans. What the hell!!??


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