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Monday, October 25, 2004

Another unusual endorsement...

by our old friend Bill.


  • I noticed under his interests he listed "not politics." Also, just based on initial judgement, I would say said writer participates in "disengaged listening" of his favorite bands.

    By Blogger RyanSimatic, at 12:31 PM  

  • I don't know what "disengaged listening" is but I do know that if there is one thing that is absolutely true about Bill is that he loves his music. He knows it and he is passionate about it. He gets into music more than anybody I know. He plays drums and he used to spend hours playing along with PJ and Crazyhorse and whatever else he was into at the moment.

    By Blogger DannyNoonan, at 12:41 PM  

  • Disenaged listening is appreciating music as detatched from historical, and cultural contexts, a "music is just music" approach, failure to regard music as a rhetorical device.
    It doesn't mean he doesn't love it. But would Bob Dylan endorse Nixon?

    By Blogger RyanSimatic, at 1:33 PM  

  • I see. I had no idea there was any other way to listen to music.

    By Blogger DannyNoonan, at 1:57 PM  

  • Maybe he was listening to "Slow Train Coming."

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 2:04 PM  

  • Yeah, I have to do a lot of disengaged listening. (Who's the last social liberal, fiscal conservative musician you've heard?) Thank God musicians sing about more than politics. Cheers.

    By Blogger Will, at 12:31 PM  

  • Well, that settles that.

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 12:47 PM  

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