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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bush blew the jobs question too

4. Man he needs to rally. Why did he get into education. Kerry was wrong about his stats. Bush should have talked about a dynamic economy.

5. Kerry will make outsourcing fair eh? End tax deferment for oversees investment. Question, who opened this loophole? Not that it's bad anyway. What is Bush supposed to do about Airbus or China? I'm a free trade proponent, so I think that's all good, I hope Bush says as much.

Whoo! Bush sound confused. MISTATEMENTS. He's a liar. A million students? How much money. Workers got money from taxes. Here comes the numbers. Encourage marriage, as long as you're straight.
Bush is hammering republican talking points, hard. But what about jobs?

Kerry was on the Reagan tax cuts. Smart. People are poor, ergo they get Pell grants. Kerry's on his game. I think he's annoying, but he's on his game. Bush sounds like he's grasping for straws.

6. Gay Marriage:

Is is a choice? Bush doesn't know. He's preaching tolerance, but...
here it comes. Sanctity of marriage. Protect it from what? Judges, no, but legislature...also no. Only a Const. Amendment.
Why not wait until Doma (which protects principles of Federalism) is challenged.

Kerry busts out Cheney's daughter. Seriously, doesn't it seem like he knows the questions? He's well prepared. Kerry sounds like he's parroting Andrew Sullivan. Works for me. Man, I thought Kerry was unlistenable last time. A lot can change over a week.


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