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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Ever wonder what would happen if One of them ripped a huge fart right now? How would you spin it? I was eating Mexican food earlier to cater to the growing hispanic population? I was in Wisconsin contributing to the Brat industry? I'm surprised it's never happened, after all, sometimes you can't hold it anymore.

Bush talked about a worker card for immigrants, he's against amnesty. By the way, one of my posts that got lost earlier pointed out that all of Kerry's econ stats, including the one he's talking about as I write this, is incorrect if you exclude recent illegal immigrants. You want to close the gap between rich and poor, and drive up per capita income? End immigration!

Kerry - We need more secure borders! And illegal laboring in the US is wrong. We must protect crappy American jobs!

Bush - Liar!

Kerry - No, I'm not. WE need to make it go faster by increasing the hassle. OKayyyy

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