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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Liveblogging Reflections, Reactions, etc.

That could have gone a little better, but not bad for a first try. Here is what I learned for next time:

1. Don't try and catch every little detail. Wait for something interesting. I'm still waiting.

2. If you miss a chunk, don't try and catch up. You will just fall further behind.

3. Write everything in Word first, so that if your computer does freak out, you don't lose everything.

4. Keep two beers handy.

5. Chips are OK, but dip can cause logistical problems, especially if you're using a laptop.

This debate was incredibly boring. Too, there were no winners, only losers. All attempts at humor failed in my opinion, even that Sopranos line that Kerry used, which seems to be getting rave reviews. I think I heard him use it before, so it had no effect on me. I thought that Kerry completely dominated the entire first half. He had good facts, he stayed on topic, and he called Bush out if he wandered off topic, which he did frequently.

Bush was whiney and exasperated for the first half. At some point, he gained confidence and started to sound better, at which point Kerry started to resort to talking points. I think the second half was a draw, and that the conventional wisdom will label the debate as a whole a draw.

So, next time I'll do better. It will be more organized, and more chronological.
And man, do I respect the drunkbloggers.


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