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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Liveblogging to begin shortly

2. Will our grandchildren ever live in a world as safe as it used to be?

Were we before?
Kerry answers yes. So far, talking points everyone.
What % of imports should we inspect? Still joining the world together I see.

George - Spread freedom and liberty like peanut butter. Nice point, we've caught a lot of terrorists. Now we're off topic. Clearly they told him to talk about Afghanistan, no matter what. Kerry shouldn't have made the nuisance comment. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Kerry rebuts:
George ignored Osama, OUTSOURCED to afghan warlords. Will Bush throw Clinton back in his face.

Bush - Uh oh, EXAGERATIONS. Kind of like fuzzy math.

So far Bush sound like he's forcing comedy. KErry hasn't done anything either.

1. Here we go. I'm choosing the Dan Rather feed, just to make sure that it's the same as all of the rest. Plus a CBS correspondent is asking the questions.

From ASU! As Ned Flanders said, after seeing Homer alive, "Heaven must be easier to get into than Arizona State."

My computer seems to be working, I have beer, chips, salsa, and we're all set up. I'll start posting as soon as the debate is underway. This post will be updated, newest items at the top. My computer is a little slow tonight, but it is working.

See you in 15 minutes.

Unless I have computer problems I will be liveblogging the debate this evening. Tune it if you're looking to make your debate watching experience a little more exciting.


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