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Friday, October 15, 2004

Milwaukee and Vote Fraud

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has an article today on a growing controversy over the supply of ballots to Milwaukee County. I though that this was the most striking paragraph:

District Attorney E. Michael McCann, who attended the meeting, said he saw no connection between excess ballots and fraud because of security measures at the polls. But he added he was concerned about the propriety of some turnout drives that pay workers for registering voters.

Several suburban election clerks have complained that many voters who registered by mail did not provide proof of residency - a driver's license, for example. Because disputes could arise at the polls if people falsely believed they were registered, everyone should bring identification when they vote, McCann said.

First of all, how can the first part of McCann's statement be true (that he sees no connection between excess ballots and fraud) and the second part be true as well (that he is concerned about the bogus registration drives going on)? That position makes no sense. But I am glad he is urging people to bring ID, even if they can not be legally required to produce it in Wisconsin.

Anyway, read the whole thing. And keep in mind that the county has just over a million people, and the city has just under 600,000 when you're thinking about the numbers.


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