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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Minimum wage

It is low, because of inflation. I actually don't think it matters too much, no one lives on the min wage. In fact, I think the unemployment it causes is a tragedy. How are unskilled workers supposed to get...skills?

Women do not get 76/100 of what men do. Well, they do if you assign no monetary value to being a housewife, but I'm a more understanding sensitive guy than that.

I just fundamentally disagree with Kerry here, but to each his own, and if you're for the min wage, to each, other people's.

Bush - No child left behind is NOT A JOBS ACT!!!
Man, he blew this one. A little econ, maybe bust out Milt Friedman.

Education must have been polling well because this is at least the third time he's gone there when he's gotten off topic. Now I think they're both floundering. Plus NCLB was a heavy handed reg. I'm for vouchers.

Roe v. Wade to Bush
He says he will have no lithmus test. Dodged the question.

Kerry - He's clear on this issue, you've got to give hime that.

I'm actually weird on this issue. I'm pro-choice, but I think ROe v. Wade is a horrible decision. Federalism and all. I'm willing to let people do things I disagree with. I think it's rather big of me.

Kerry - NCLB sucked. How was NYC before.

Bush - Kerry has a lithmus test, and NCLB rules. I increased funds a ton.

Kerry - After school programs have been cut! Can you believe the fed isn't funding after school programs?

Next: The Draft. Oy.


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