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Monday, October 18, 2004

Mmmmm. Pi.

This is awesome:

But before you wrap your head too tightly around that, consider what Pincus observed when he started comparing these strings of digits: some have higher levels of entropy (randomness), some lower. Then he started looking for the same characteristic of entropy in real-world strings of numbers, such as you might get from tracking, say, the stock market. He discovered that the stock market hits its highest level of entropy right before a crash.

(Via the Carnival of the Capitalists)

And when you're done with that, read this post by Tim Worstall:

We know that minimum wages disproportionately damage the employment prospects of the unproductive, those with the lowest productivity rates. Who are these people? Yes, the young and untrained. What would we predict (and what did people predict) would be the result of a national minimum wage? A rise in unemployment rates amongst the young and untrained. What are we seeing? Yup.


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