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Thursday, October 07, 2004

My first time and other irrelevant things

Paul wasn't lying, I am actually here. I've just been lurking in the shadows until I could think of something important to say. Well that was the plan anyway, until I got bored. And frankly, the anticipation of my "first time" became overwhelming. So here I am live from Los Angeles, my current second home. Sometimes I can see the stars, shining through the hazy night sky. I hear there are mountains around somewhere too, but I haven't spotted them yet. Okay that's a lie, I have seen the outlines of mountains in the distance, but they're only a few miles away for crying out loud! I should be able to see the mountain goats or whatever lives up there sniffing the rear ends of the other mountain goats, not just a looming gray outline!

Kids here in LA are so lucky. Most other kids have a hard time understanding what "air" is, since you can't see it. Here in lovely LA, the kids can see the air every day. Sometimes they can even feel it as they inhale pebble-size particles into their developing lungs. The city even gives them a little gift to cherish later in life -- asthma.

If anyone needs a reminder that the environment is in fact a serious issue here in the good old US of A, they should come here and try to run a few miles. Too bad our current leaders are playing fast and loose with the next fifty years.

Hmmm... was it good for you? Don't worry, it'll get better.


  • A friend of mine lived in K-Town in LA. On a clear day, you couldn't see the Hollywood sign through the smog unless you walked 2 miles closer. The sign couldn't be more than 5 miles away in the first place, and it's placed on the top of a mountain!

    By Blogger RyanSimatic, at 12:44 PM  

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