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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Power Play

I'll be glad when this is over. I’m sick of it. Not only do I have no candidate who agrees with me; I also have no true enemy. Neither candidate is willing to engage in MY debate. My concern has to do with the limits of government power. It should be important. Most of the Constitution is dedicated to this issue (the Bill of Rights are not worth a wad of crumpled up tissue paper without the separation of powers. The Soviet Union had a fantastic Bill of Rights), but in this election it has been ignored.

This is important because when the debate changes from "how much power" to "what do we do with all of this power?" people feel victimized. After all, when power is exercised, some people win, and some people lose. People know this on an intuitive level, and that is what is really driving the rancor and vitriol that many are feeling this election season. Everyone is on one side, and they actually think they stand to lose something if the other side wins. And they are right, at least this time.

Bush’s policies are not about restraint; they are about sucking up. Free meds! Faith based subsidies! You! Don’t get married! Don’t have an abortion! And never sell us steel. Are those stem cells you’re holding, Mr.?

Kerry’s policies are not about using power to help people or keep a safety net in place; they are about sucking up. Free meds! Free health care! Non-faith based subsidies! You can’t get married, but you can get a "civil union." Give us more money! We need it more than you, and you’ll probably blow it on baseball cards or lollipops anyway. You, don’t sell us steel, or cloth, or answer the phones, or drill for oil, or import oil, or use oil!

Under all of these policies, someone is going to be a loser or a victim (including the candidates). Potential victims defend themselves when attacked, and that is exactly what is going on here, and why everyone seems so invested in this election.

Just a thought.


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