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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Reactions around the 'net

Virginia Postrel thought it was more substantive than I did, and that Bush did well.

Instapundit has his thoughts interspersed with comments from lots of others. He thought the debate was interesting and that Bush did well also. I'm just amazed at the amount of information he processed. Just keep scrolling.

Stephen Green echoes my views. Borrrring.

Andrew Sullivan has a comprehensive analysis, and he unsurprisingly calls it for Kerry.

Professor Althouse liveblogged it too. She repeats a common theme that I'm detecting: Kerry was Dukakis-like. A new talking point in the works?

Professor Drezner had this to say:

FINAL UPDATE: I have only three words: Mariano Bleeping Rivera.

FINAL SERIOUS UPDATE: Joe Gandelman reports all of the flash polls give the debate to Kerry. Alas, I fear Matthew Yglesias is correct: the answer I liked best from Bush -- the idea of education as being intimately related to jobs -- probably didn't score well.

Josh Marshall is in Kerry's camp, but you already knew that.

Marginal Revolution, as usual, has a bunch of good stuff tangentially related to the debates here, here, and here.

Ryan Lizza at TNR thinks it was all Kerry. (Subscription required)

Mickey Kaus, on the Slate leans towards Bush.

Will Saletan, also on the Slate, calls it for Kerry in a blowout.

So, I think we can all agree that no one knows who won. More accurately, almost everyone (especially bloggers) has already made up his/her mind, so as long as the debate was close any given person was bound to internally spin it to fit their own perception.

There was no moral to this story. It was just a bunch of stuff that happened.


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