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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Social Security

Bush - Smart to reassure old people. compound interest, good stuff. Maybe he's been reading Arnold Kling
He's right, the cost of doing nothing is enormous

Kerry - You suck at managing your money. And you're ugly too.
Kerry is wrong about this, you can fund the transition free of cost by borrowing, and the savings in the future will pay for it (because my generation won't need it), and it's only 1 trillion. Ha ONLY 1 trillion.

What will Kerry do. He didn't offer a plan. What a dork.

Greenspan - Raise the retirement age, or cut benefits. Kerry, what will you do?

The surplus to fix SS? That's BS. The tax cut would have been enough to fund SS until 2075? Yeah, because congress is great at just setting money aside.

Ohhhh. Later on we'll fix it with a team of experts. Jobs jobs jobs.

Now Kerry sounds off topic and disjointed. Bush has resorted to talking points 5 or 6 times, this is KErry's first.

Bush - Kerry voted to tax SS, and offered no plan. True.
The tax code is more fair now, but a lot of Americans don't like fair. It didn't do much to get us out of recession, but it did something.

Blame Clinton! And keep taxes low!


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