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Saturday, October 16, 2004

When it comes to environmental issues, there is one voice that simply can't be ignored.

Leonardo Di Caprio.

Actor Leonardo Di Caprio deemed President George W. Bush’s environmental policies failures of epic proportions Wednesday in Madison, attracting a large — and mostly female — audience to the Orpheum Theater.

Bush pays lip service to environmental causes, Di Caprio said, but hides a record of increasing carbon-dioxide emissions and rolling-back progress made under the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts.

Di Caprio, famous for playing the role of "Luke" on Growing Pains, is certainly not a credible source when it comes to environmental issues, or anything else for that matter. For starters, he was mostly wrong. But more importantly, he has done nothing in this field that should entitle him to an audience. I realize that it is not Di Caprio's fault that people care about what he says but it is still rather troubling that it takes an actor to get students to pay attention to the issues. If there is one group of people that is actually less informed than students, it has to be actors.

And Di Caprio was just one of a string of know-nothing actors and celebrities that have visited Madison to pledge their support for Kerry. Natalie Portman was here in early October to speak, FOR 3 MINUTES!, in support of Kerry. The Dave Mathews Band, Ben Harper and Jurassic 5 brought their Pro-Kerry tour to the Kohl Center and today this know-nothing celebrity will make an appearance.

Is this what our election process has been reduced to? Listening to an actress's endorsement of a presidential candidate because I think she's cute. I suppose in this election it's as good a reason as any to choose your poison but I'd still like to know where the experts are. Where the scholars are. Where the people that understand how the real world works are.


  • Hey man, whatever it takes to get people to think about this stuff a little bit and take an interest in the world around them. There are few things I dislike more than entertainers turning political activist since, as you pointed out, most are ill-informed. However, if one person goes to see Leo because of his floppy hair and ends up taking a more active interest in the issues, then I'm willing to put up with it all.

    By Blogger Jason, at 11:59 AM  

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