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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Wow , the computer is slow tonight.

Stupid computer! I just lost like 4 questions!

Sum up - Bush sounds weak, Kerry is well prepared. I thought mentioning Mary Cheney was smart.

Hey, he's echoing my health care ideas right now. Bush is actually helping himself with me right now. I don't think that most people care.

3. Another forced joke. Bush, I thought blew the flu question. He should have talked about importing from Canada, not "Let's Ration." He sounded like Jimmy Carter, and that's no good.

Kerry was tough, stated a problem and a solution.

On to the tax question:

Kerry - can you not raise taxes on 200K families? Pay as you go. Kerry is going to balance the budget by spending money. Roll back the tax cuts! What a dork. Still against outsourcing I see. Bush should pound him on this. Then again, politicians don't understand econ, so no chance of that. Good point about not vetoing anything.

Bush - He voted to increase taxes 98 times. Man, he should have insisted on another townhall meeting. PAYGO, word of the night. Tax and spend, yadda yadda.

Good point about the small business tax, but no one is listening anymore. In the last debate he sounded confident, here he just sounds whiney.


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