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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Yahoo Fantasy Football Crashes

It is 10:15. I have just finished reading Peter Kings horrifically titled "MMBQ:Tuesday Edition. It's a typical nice calming read. Very puffy, cotton candy, the typical Larry Kingesque platitudes that we expect from Peter, like:

I think I'm going to have to rethink my Week 1 review that Deion Sanders, at $1.5 million a year, was a good signing for the Ravens.

Not, "I was wrong, this was a terrible idea," just "I need to rethink it." Nothing wrong with that. I feel fine. I just had a cup of tea, my room is comfortable today for some unknown reason. I get to the last line:

I think Onterrio Smith will get suspended today for violating the league's substance-abuse program.

What?! If forgot all about Onterrio's problems. And I need a RB next week, as Rudi has a bye and Kevin Jones is still dinged. Hey! Michael Bennett is out for two more weeks. Moe Williams is available in my league for some reason. I've go to go get him! NOW!

C'mon, load! Stupid Yahoo, hurry up. Why won't you load?!!!!! No! Not fantasy Nascar! What the heck is that?! Wow. If you mistype "fantasy football" in Google by hitting enter too soon, you get some weird crap. I just know Hartl is beating me to this right now. GO! I have high speed right now! I'm at work! Hurry!!!!!! Can't believe I traded him in the Big gOurd.

Ah the awesome power of MMQB. Peter should try starting a crazy rumor sometime that, I don't know, Jim Sorgi is starting over Peyton Manning on Sunday, just to see what happens.


Got him. Suckers!



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